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June, 2021 Last Update

Planning to try Craft Resumes service? You would better have a look at the following article to get to know more details about this service. We guarantee you will be surprised and get to know a lot of new things for you. 

What Is the Craft Resumes Service?

Craft Resumes is a rather new custom resume writing company. Despite this fact, it has gained the reputation of one of the worst resume writing companies if compared to other similar services. According to the vast majority of craft resumes reviews, most customers are not satisfied with the quality of the resumes they received from this organization. However, the poor quality of the resumes is not the only drawback of this custom resume writing service. The company promises a lot of things, but they never keep their promises. Let’s review, however, this service in detail. 

The Offered Company’s Services

There are four main types of service offered by the company: cover letters, LinkedIn profile, CV, and cover letters. It is worth mentioning that this organization does not provide its customers with professional help. Instead, you will never be able to get your money back if you order a cover letter from this company and are not pleased with it. Moreover, you will only have four days to ask for a revision which is too little if compared with other CV writing services on the market. According to craft resumes review, this company also offers an editing service, but its quality is terrible as well. 

Craft Resumes Discount & Prices

The pricing policy is not a transparent one with Craft Resumes. You will hardly find the prices for editing services and cover letters on the website. What is more, there is a table with the prices for some services, but the prices are too high. If you are a person on a budget, you will not afford to order this service. According to craftresumes reviews, it is impossible to get a discount even if you have a coupon because all the prices revealed on the website are fixed. To sum up, it is impossible to save money with this service. 

Payment Methods

The company offers various payment methods, which is not bad. However, you cannot order a resume by every payment method. For instance, it is possible only to place an order if you use MasterCard, VISA, and PayPal, not more. Again, this service is very complicated to use. You will hardly find the prices for the service you need because the prices are not clear. 

Special Features

There is an opportunity on the website to buy an ebook. The name of this ebook is “Get the job of your dreams in 6 days and 6 simple steps”. The service claims that if you read this book, you will easily find a job. However, other resume services offer their tips on how to find a dream job free of charge. So why should you pay for this book if other companies offer a free service? We do not think it would be reasonable to buy such a book for every customer. According to expert reviews, it is possible to call such an offer a rip-off for naive people. 

What to Expect from the Service’s Quality

According to Reddit, you will never be pleased with the quality of Craft Resumes service. They employ people who are not native English speakers. Therefore, you should not expect a nice quality of the CVs and resumes they generate. What is more, according to a professional review of customers, this service is one of the least reliable because you might receive your resume later than you specified in the instructions. They may say that they are sorry for sending a resume to you too late, but is it what you have been looking for? We do not think so. 

Customer Support Service

If you have any questions, you will not be pleased with the quality of customer service. Even though they are open 24/7, still, they are not professional. Some customer support representatives cannot provide you with a response fast. Meaning, you will lose a lot of your precious time just to get a reply. Moreover, some of these representatives are not friendly and polite. They might behave in a rude way, so even if you yelp for help, they will not be able to assist you properly. You would rather utilize other services to get better help. 

What About Specific Guarantees?

Despite the fact that there are too many complaints about this service, some guarantees are expressed on the Craft Resumes website. For instance, they promise to create and deliver an awesome resume or CV even earlier than your deadline. However, it is worth mentioning that they will never do it because, according to the best review of its customers, they hardly even manage to meet the actual deadlines, not speaking even about delivering the resume earlier than the deadline is. They also promise complete confidentiality. However, the customers complained about the fact they were bombarded with spam from similar writing companies after they utilized Craft Resumes service. Is it a coincidence? No way!

Pros and Cons

User-friendly interface of the website. There are many drawbacks in the interface of the website, making it difficult to utilize it. 
Multiple years of being present on the market. The service can handle a limited number of tasks, despite the fact they are too many years on the market. 
Quick execution of assignments. The resumes they generate contain a lot of mistakes and are not original. 
Round the clock customer support. There are many problems with online chat options. Also, the customer support is not a professional one. 
Prices are average.Too high prices for the service they offer which is rather poor. 

Summary – is Craft Resumes worth it?

You would better try another one because this one is not the most reliable. You will lose a lot of money if you utilize Craft Resumes service. Most of the guarantees that this organization promises are fake ones. They never keep their promises, meaning you would better avoid utilizing this service. 

Find the Top Best Resume Writing Service Company With Our Help

To be honest, we would rather you did not use Craft Resumes service because it is not worth doing. Instead, you would better try other writing services because they are more reliable ones. Besides, the pricing policy of them is more reasonable if compared to Craft Resumes. What is more, you will not have to worry and ruin your nervous system just because the company fails to meet deadlines adequately. Try out other resumes or CVs writing companies and enjoy multiple benefits of them! Do not hesitate to order the service of other top resumes writing companies right now, friend! We are sure you will be happy about it.


Is Legit?

The company is legal. However, the service is not worth risking. You would better avoid using Craft Resumes service because most of the users were unhappy about using it.  

Is Scam?

Yes, it is possible to call it a scam because they never keep their promises. You pay for the service an enormous amount of money and always receive poor quality assistance. We do not think it is worth even trying. 

How much does it cost to use Craft Resumes?

The prices for the Craft Resumes service start at $139, which is such a rip-off if we compare this service to other ones on the market. You will rather try to use a more affordable service if you are on a tight budget. 

Is Craft Resumes safe?

Even though your money is safe and secure with Craft Resumes, you are not guaranteed that your sensitive personal data will not be given to any third party. Therefore, if you are not expecting to receive too much spam to your email, you would better avoid using Craft Resumes service.