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June, 2021 Last Update

This overview is designed to provide a thorough assessment of Monster Resume writing service, revealing its main advantages and disadvantages. Our experts were also aimed at identifying the major aspects that have to be considered while involving this service and why it may be better to avoid it. 

What Is the Monster Resume?

Monster Resume is a resume-making and resume builder service that operates online. It develops and renders resumes and other job-related documents to interested customers upon their requests. The service declares to be a quality and reliable partner. But, our experts have revealed certain mismatches with the declared and actual state of things. This online resume writing platform has an extremely low rating (11/100). We have ensured MonsterResume critique assessment and identified reasons for such a low rating. 

The Offered Services 

This service enables you to order and get resume writing services for any industry or field you are related to. It declares having plenty of writers that can help you with that matter. Such resume writing service will likely be customized to your needs. 

Additionally to these services, you may request making a cover letter that aligns with the drafted resume. Theoretically, this is a good feature to get a package of documents that align with each other. Still, our experts have identified Monster resume reviews that addressed the poor quality of documents provided by this service. 

The service is not limited to resume and cover letter writing services. It can also help you with providing career advice and useful materials. From our point of view, these were the most useful aspects of this service. Generally, it is convenient to use resume search.

Monster Resume Prices and Discounts

This service suggests several pricing options depending on the list of documents you order. If you decide to choose a resume writing option only, you should pay $129 for that. If you want to add an extra cover letter to this resume, you can be charged $169 for those. Extra updating of your LinkedIn profile, additionally to the prepared resume and cover letter, may cost you $349.

Our experts have not identified any more or less clear view about the loyalty policy and discounts that customers may get. So, we consider these aspects as not developed enough. 

Payment Methods Available

If you consider ordering resume or cover letter writing services here, you may use any payment card you have. Our experts have not identified any problems with payment operators. All of them are reliable enough for customers. 

Special Features 

An option of a free trial is limited to an opportunity to search among all available resumes. You may look at these examples only. Also, you may freely access any available job-hunting materials that are placed here. This service may be a place for requesting career advice. 

What to Expect from Quality

The most important point our experts have reviewed was whether Monster functional resume good or not in terms of quality. Our opinion is that aspect suffers a lot. The ready documents fail to meet the demands submitted to this service with the initial inquiries. We have also revealed Reddit complaints from the customers on this matter and other expert reviews that stated the same. So, we presume the service should work better on its quality standards to perform better for customers and be really professional as it declares. At the moment, we consider it is far from the best one based on the quality standards assessment. 

Customer Service

Our opinion is that the support team underperforms. Its operation should be definitely improved. If you request Monster Resume help, you may wait for too long for the first reply from them. That is not a good thing as it is a start of cooperation. Our opinion is that the timeframe for providing replies should be decreased. Another aspect that worried our experts is that support agents failed to address issues that emerged on time and also properly. They failed to suggest effective solutions for resolving such. That is not a good thing, we believe. And it may become even more worrying in the case of urgent orders. 

What about Guarantees

In our Monster Resume review, we will express our considerations about the most important guarantees this service provides. The quality guarantee is not sufficient, in fact, as the service fails to address the basic needs of a customer and provide properly made documents upon its request. 

The guarantee of timely delivery is also not ensured properly. The service can provide the final draft for review at least before the deadline. So, in the end, a customer may not have enough time to request amendments and submit a resume before its own deadline. 

The last likely guarantee we want to emphasize is the guarantee of confidentiality and security. The service fails to address this guarantee too. It doesn’t apply sufficient measures for ensuring confidential and safe interaction with its customers. Namely, we have not revealed any information about how data will be stored and protected, what measures are taken to prevent possible data leaks and other threats. 

Pros and Cons of the Service

Available at any timePossible difficulties with the access to the website
Easy to reachHigh rates without discounts
Free good materials available (like career advice)Low quality of documents that are too generalized
Many writers availableWeak operation of a customer support team
Extensive range of specializations coveredRisky from the point of timely delivery

Summary – Is Monster Resume Worth It?

We can finalize our Monster Resume writing services review by our personal conclusion that this service is not very much worthy of referring to and get assistance with your resume writing. It failed to provide documents of sufficient quality and do this beforehand to make any minor enhancements that may be required. It also doesn’t care too much about the confidentiality and security of interaction with its customers. This may result in customer dissatisfaction and various threats to their devices. We hope this will remain only a possible consequence for you. Still, our opinion is to look for other alternatives.

Select the Best Resume Writing Service with Our Help

This overview is designated to provide a comprehensive assessment of the major features, advantages, and disadvantages of various resume writing services for better customer awareness. It presents the personal opinions of our experts that assessed core parameters of assessing the work of any resume writing service. We emphasize those aspects that customers should consider to prevent any potential inconveniences and experience that is far from positive.


Is Monster Resume Legit?

This is a legally existing company that renders resume writing services online to customers worldwide. It has its terms of service and policies and declares to comply with the provision of the applicable legislation. In fact, our experts have revealed certain mismatches between the declared and the factual state of things with this service. We presume that the service sometimes fails to fulfill its obligations.

Is Monster Resume Scam?

Our experts have revealed enough Monster Resume service reviews that stated the scam nature of this resume-making service. Presumably, we could deal with feedback from disappointed customers. All of them spoke about the poor quality of services rendered and that they were misled. If that was an emotional reaction of a customer, that aspect should also be considered. Our opinion is that the service should perform better to prevent feedback of this kind. 

How Much Does It Cost to Use Monster Resume?

Our opinion is that this service asks to pay a lot for the services it provides to the clients. We know that this company has been in the market for many years and presume that previously it performed well. Still, at the moment, our opinion (and the opinion of other customers) is that the service underperforms and charges a lot for that—the range of prices – from $129 to $349

Is Monster Resume Entirely Safe?

Based on our made Monster Resume review, we have serious doubts about whether this service is actually reliable in terms of security and confidentiality. It fails to provide sufficient information about how it addresses the most widespread threats for customers, like data leaks and hacker attacks. We presume that is because of the absence of such measures in general. In fact, we see that the service fails to provide information about how it is going to store and secure the personal information of customers. So, our experts consider this service as not reliable enough and risky in terms of security and confidentiality.