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June, 2021 Last Update

This MyPerfectResume Review is provided for better informing of customers who potentially consider this service for making their resumes and other job-related documents. Based on our criteria and publicly available information, we make our personal assessment of the major advantages and disadvantages this service has and why it is better to choose another one.

What Is the MyPerfectResume?

MyPerfectResume is a company that renders resume writing services and also creates other job-related documents upon the requests of customers. This service operates quite long in the market. It has a quite low rating (39/100). So, we have decided to check where the problem is and identify for ourselves whether this service is good or not? Review more details about our findings.

The Offered Services

MyPerfectResume offers various resume writing services and a resume builder. A customer may get free templates of resumes. The service also provides the list of likely “approved phrases of recruiters.” It promises to provide a professionally-made resume. But, our experts have revealed only general templates that were adapted more or less to a concrete case. We believe that is not sufficient for this kind of service. 

You may also get a cover letter. This is a good option. But, taking into account that a resume is not customized, a cover letter will likely be of the same general nature.

MyPerfectResume Prices and Discounts

My Perfect Resume price for an average resume is higher than for the similar one from other services. You need to pay more and risk getting a poor-quality document in the final. Certain My Perfect Resume reviews our experts have revealed were related exactly to this matter. You cannot also expect to get discounts here too. 

Our opinion is that the company doesn’t have any clear and transparent approach in terms of pricing. Initially, a customer should make a likely free subscription. But, later, it will turn out that the subscription will be paid. The most inconvenient point here is that you will not know how much you should pay for that at the moment of making such a subscription.

Payment Methods Available 

If customers wish to enjoy this service, they can use any payment card they have. The service involves reliable payment operators. We have not identified any specific worries about this matter. 

Special Features 

This service also has certain features customers may likely enjoy. It renders a free trial during which it provides access to certain templates for free. These templates are not customized at all. So, if you decide to use it, you need to amend it on your own. Samples are more or less good. 

Another option of this service is that it provides additional cover letter-making tools and also likely expert resume advice. Our point of view is that such features should be enhanced like the quality of provided resumes too. 

What to Expect from Quality

That is a key aspect we have complaints about. Our experts consider that the quality suffers. It is below the average level and is not sufficient for the service of such kind. The documents are outdated, appear not structured very well. They fail to provide a comprehensive overview of the candidate’s profile. In general, we were not satisfied with the quality of provided documents. Our experts have also revealed Reddit complaints and expert reviews that are far from positive in this aspect. Plenty of MyPerfectResume customer reviews state that the quality of the service suffers. Our opinion is that the state of things is not acceptable as quality is crucial for any writing service.

Customer Service

If you have an active order with this service, you need only enter your Myperfectresume login in the respective field and reach my perfect resume contact service. The easiest way is to use their chat. Still, it appears to be good and fast at first glance. In our cases, it had turned out to be too long to wait for the response and real answers to matters we referred to. 

Our experts were not satisfied with the operation of the local support team and thought that such work could be arranged a number of times better. Our opinion is that the time of response should be shorter and the quality of operation is higher. We could reach some new agents. But, still, the company should care about the preparation and training of its support agents. Our opinion is that this aspect should be improved. Other myperfectresume com reviews we have revealed stated about the same issue.

What about Guarantees

The service provides the guarantee of quality, confidentiality, security, and timely delivery. The aspect of quality we have described thoroughly in the previous clause. The service also ensures the guarantee of confidentiality and security. We have doubts that this resume-making service will intentionally release all data provided by the customers. So, in these terms, our experts don’t see any worries. But, in terms of security, we have doubts as the service fails to ensure sufficient measures. We hope this service will not become a target for various cyber threats. But, our opinion is that the service will not be ready for those. 

The documents are delivered exactly close to the deadline. That is not very good as documents may require additional amendments. Our opinion is that documents should be provided for review beforehand. 

Pros and Cons of the Service

Easy to reachTroubles with the access to the website
Free templatesHigh rates
Resume builderLow quality
Extra cover letter optionPoor support
Customization of documents is availableInsufficient confidentiality

Summary – Is MyPerfectResume Really Worth It?

Our opinion is that Myperfectresume is not the best service to refer to with your resume-making inquiry. The service provides documents of not proper quality. And that is the major complaint of its customers and our findings too. It has quite outdated templates and fails to adapt those to the demands of customers. That is not a sufficient point for a service of this kind. 

It also fails to provide service beforehand to make at least minor amendments. The service charges comparatively high for the quality of services it actually renders. Our opinion is that the service is not a worthy place to submit your inquiry. It looks to be professional. But, we think that actually, this service is far from the best one.

Find the Best Resume Writing Service with Our Help

Our service is designated to provide comprehensive examinations of various resume making and other services. It is our opinion whether a certain service suits an order or not. We share information that we find relevant to the explored matter and provide our recommendations on whether to choose a certain service or not. We comprehensively review such parameters as the quality, prices, time for delivery, guarantees, and other aspects important for customer satisfaction. That is our point of view based on our considerations. 


Is MyPerfectResume Legit?

This is a legally exciting company, and we have no doubts about that. But, it is possible to reach it online only. In case of any serious complaints, like concerning the data protection matters, we have doubts about the possibility of dealing with this company effectively. The service has its terms of service and promises to comply with the applicable laws in general. Based on our overview, we can conclude that the service only declares these legal obligations. 

Is MyPerfectResume Scam?

Our experts have identified certain complaints that were related to the likely scam nurture of this service. Most of them dealt with the aspects of quality. Perhaps, these were dissatisfied customers who considered they were cheated. That may be a serious point we want to warn you about. 

How much does it cost to use MyPerfectResume? 

According to plenty of MyPerfectResume reviews, customers were not entirely satisfied with the price-quality balance the service ensures. Our experts have revealed that the prices are much higher compared with the similar ones of other resume writing services. If you want to get a document of better quality, we suggest you are looking for another service with better guarantees and lower prices.

Is MyPerfectResume Completely Safe?

That aspect should be significantly improved, from our point of view. The service only declares the application of various security measures without clarifying which measures are applied exactly. This made our experts doubt the effectiveness of the applied measures and their feasibility for preventing the most widespread cyber risks, like fraud, hardware failures, hacker attacks, etc. The service also only declares the protection of personal data. But, it doesn’t clarify how it is going to do that, in fact. That creates worries for us.