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June, 2021 Last Update

If you are here, then you plan to order a resume or cover letter online. Maybe you need another help with your application documents, but these 2 assignments are the most popular among applicants. 

Before you do the next step – place an order – you should stop and refresh actual information on this writing company. Be sure that resume writing group reviews may reveal you the truth you haven’t known before but want to know very much now. 

What Is the Resume Writing Group?

This company has been on the writing market for a long time. It was founded in 2005 and keeps serving individuals with different types of writing services. If you observe the official website, you’ll see it contains much impressive content. You are promised to receive a resume of the highest quality that guarantees you success. 

All these promises attract customers. They want to believe that experts from the Resume Writing Group will solve any issues with application documents and increase their chances of getting a vacant position. So keep reading the following ResumeWritingGroup review that will clarify your perspectives with this writing team. 

The Offered Services

As the company’s title says, it is keen on preparing resumes and other documents required for the application process. There are 4 levels of offered services: entry and students, professional resumes, senior resumes, federal and government resumes. So depending on your case, you can select the proper level of assistance. 

Also, resume writing is not the only help you can get. Writers from this company may perform letters of recommendation for you, cover letters, content for your LinkedIn profile. If you need information support, you may be interested in trying coaching packages. 

Resume Writing Group Prices and Discount

As the company proposes 4 levels of writing help, the prices also depend on the level you choose. Here are the basic fees for the exact type of help: entry and student assistance cost $89, professional resumes cost $109, senior resumes – $199, federal and government resumes – $189. Don’t forget that these prices are basic and the final fee depends on your deadline. 

As you can see, hiring a writer from Resume Writing Group requires a lot of money. Not every student is ready to spend at least $89 for help with resumes. Every resume writing group review highlights how these high prices disappoint customers and decrease satisfaction. But what is more important – the quality of help doesn’t worth much money. 

Besides, don’t expect to find a promo code to get a discount. Resume Writing Group doesn’t have any special offer for new or regular customers. No reward or loyalty program may compensate for your despair. 

Payment Method

All resume writing group reviews explain nothing special about payment methods. You can use your credit card or one of the most popular payment options online (American Express, Discover, etc.). Usually, safety is provided by the payment company, so Resume Writing Group has nothing to do with that. 

Special Features

You can find one good feature on their official website – it is a blog. There are several good articles about useful tips and recommendations for applicants. Or it might be a good feature if the company keeps publishing new articles. Unfortunately, the last how-to was published in 2017.

What to Expect from Quality

The one order at this company – and you will agree with numerous complaints on the Resume Writing Group services. None of the papers made by these writers is worth even the basic fee. Unfortunately, you can’t receive anything spectacular from this team of authors. 

All individuals admit that their resumes are typical. There is no sign of extra professionalism. The average score of this company is 26/100 – so you may imagine the papers’ quality. 

When you provide the writer with information about yourself, he or she almost copies it and doesn’t make any miracle with the final paper. You just receive almost the same document! 

Customer Service

Unfortunately, team support is another disappointing part of professional review. Once you have paid for writing assistance, you are no longer an interesting person for the Resume Writing Group. The team has already received a payment from you and doesn’t worry about your fate. Be aware of lazy support agents and keep writing them before your problem will be heard. 

What About Guarantees

People want to be sure that authors from the Resume Writing Group understand their needs. That’s why many customers mention in their expert reviews the loudest guarantee ever. It is said that the company will return your money and receive an additional $100 if you don’t get a job within 45 days. It sounds very attractive, but there is a huge ‘but’… 

We have prepared an exposure for you. Yes, you can receive your money back, but only in case you have sent 40 copies of your resume to different companies. And what is the most important thing – you must prove it. So this is not a guarantee we have expected. 

Pros and Cons

Years of experience on the writing marketA very poor content quality no matter the level you pay for
Guarantee of success or money-backHigh prices for poor resume quality and other types of services
Simple website where you can find additional informationUnfriendly team support that usually doesn’t call customers back
Several types of writing help including 4 levels of assistanceA total lie about money-back guarantee
Free supportNo discount or loyalty program is offered

Summary – is Resume Writing Group worth it?

As you can see, there are many indexes you have to mention before choosing the exact writing company. If you plan to get only benefits from ordering your resume, then pay more attention to resumewritinggroup com reviews. Customers gladly share their experiences that allow you to make a rational decision. 

And there is no reason to order your resume there. You can find a much better company and have no doubts about the results. 

Find The Best Resume Writing Service With Our Help

All these reviews and our comprehensive analysis warn you: it is better to find another company you can trust! Unfortunately, people on Reddit and other trustworthy platforms reveal numerous disadvantages of Resume Writing Group. It means you don’t need to try its services to know the truth. 

Fortunately, we have a list of the best review options for you. Just select any writing company from our TOP list, and you will be satisfied. This is the easiest and the most reliable way to get a perfect resume, cover letter, or another assignment for your purposes. 


Is Legit?

In general, yes. This company doesn’t break any laws and serve customers according to current regulations. Your money or personal information wouldn’t be stolen. 

Is Scam?

No, it’s not in the direct meaning of this term. Usually, scammers just take your money and don’t give any services in return. Compared to them, writers from the Resume Writing Group provide you with documents. The quality is poor, but you pay for such assistance according to your will. 

How much does it cost to use the Resume Writing Group?

The prices are flexible and depend on your level, deadline, and other indexes. In general, be ready to spend at least $89 for the simplest resume assistance. 

Is the Resume Writing Group safe?

People are disappointed with the papers’ quality and don’t mind other things so much. That’s why there is no complaint about safety. Unfortunately, the official website doesn’t clarify this question too. So it’s likely you can feel safe using their platforms until you meet any issue with the papers’ quality.