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June, 2021 Last Update

Having a high-quality and informative resume is not a guarantee of obtaining the job of your dream. However, it is definitely one of the most influential factors. With the best resume, you leave a positive impression at once. This way, you get the hiring managers by your side when you come to the interview. 

Candidates understand the value of a quality resume perfectly. Many of them entrust this task to professional writers. When you have a reliable and attentive writing partner, you can expect to get the best results. However, there are many resume services. Not all of them deliver the excellent quality they promise. 

To help you choose the best supporter, we are researching the resume help teams and evaluate their work. Now, we are presenting you with the latest ResumeCoach review. 

What Is the ResumeCoach company?

ResumeCoach is a platform for independent work. You can’t hire professional writers there. Instead, the service offers you in-built editors, templates, and guidelines. Using them, you can build a resume and cover letter in different formats. Therefore, the results depend on your skills and talent only. 

The Range of Offered Services

The Resume Coach resume builder suggests that its users work independently. It only provides the platform, tools, and learning resources. Also, it helps to organize the work. It is a dedicated online working area, not a writing service. 

To make the customers’ lives easier, Resume Coach helps them with the following resources: 

  • A collection of resume templates for different types;
  • Resume constructors with editing and formatting options;
  • A collection of resume samples of different kinds for references;
  • A blog with articles highlighting the aspects of resume building and job-seeking;
  • A personal working area (use the Resume Coach login to account) to work with your resumes. 

As a result, it can be a good solution for those preferring the do-it-yourself approach. But it is not suitable if you are seeking writing services from professionals. Still, if independent work is fine for you, this service remains one of the available options. 

ResumeCoach Prices and Discount

Is Resume Coach free? It is one of the most frequent questions in regards to this team. When you come to its website for the first time, you won’t find any information about paid services and prices. You can assume that the platform is free to use. However, it is not so. 

You can start working on your resume immediately. It won’t even require registration. A customer can get access to the guidelines and a resume builder. However, when you have the job completed, you can’t save it for free. To save all your details included and all formatting, you have to pay $1.95. 

Many Resume Coach reviews mention this fact. There are complaints that users feel deceived. Still, they prefer to pay. No one would want to lose the spent on making that resume. 

The company also offers the following options for users to subscribe: 

  • 14 days trial period is provided for $0.95. During these 15 days, you can compose resumes and cover letters using templates and editors. The number of such pieces is unlimited. You can also store them in your account, download them, and share them online. After the trial period, if you don’t cancel it, you get switched to the Monthly subscription: 
  • Monthly is the default option. The company sets it as $1.95 for 14 days. But after this period, it will be renewed. The payment is $29.95 per 4 weeks with auto-renewal. This plan ensures all options available during the trial period. There are also premium templates and the samples’ library. 
  • Monthly Unlimited is the option for users who would work with this service regularly. It sets the monthly cost as $7.95. It is significantly lower than $29.95 in the previous case. However, there is a catch – the subscription is yearly. The system will charge you $95.40 at once. In 12 months, it will renew for the same amount. 

As for discounts, the only option seems the Monthly Unlimited plan. If customers consider that they will definitely need this service for quite a long, they can subscribe and save money. Users can cancel those subscriptions at any moment. Unfortunately, there is no information about the remaining money in case of long-term subscriptions canceled before the end of the period. 

Most users’ Resume Coach reviews specify the absence of warnings about auto-enabling the paid subscription. The information is present in the account, but the path is quite complicated. If you have registered an account but did not pay yet, you won’t find that information exposed clearly. 

Allowed Payment Methods

You can pay for the service using a card issued by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club. Also, you can use your Amazon account. 

Available Special Features

Special features are offered to registered users who subscribed monthly or yearly: 

  • Downloading resumes in TXT and PDF formats. The team also claims they are going to add downloading as DOC too in the close future. 
  • Text hints as targeted pre-written phrases that you can include in your resumes and cover letters. Customers can edit them to adjust to their goals and preferences. 
  • A robust library of templates and themes with matching colors and fonts. It is possible to apply them to both the cover letters and resumes to ensure the common style and make the application look more professional. 
  • The jobs database with the possibility to target particular jobs in definite regions. The database is regularly updated, so users get notified about all new vacancies in the areas that interest them. 

Quality Expectations 

As we already mentioned in our ResumeCoach review, this service is a platform for independent work. Your results are the product of your skills and knowledge only. The company offers tools and informational materials. The contents and format of your resumes depend on your approach. 

Thus, we can evaluate the quality of the ResumeCoach service according to the tools’ usability. After trying the resume constructor, we found it to be quite handy. The standard formatting options are fine. On the other hand, there were users’ feedbacks and even expert reviews claiming technical problems. They mentioned lacking formatting options and overall user-unfriendliness of the web tools. 

Customer Service

The customer support department is quick and professional. However, it is not 24/7. You can contact the managers directly Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 18:00 CEST using the toll-free phone. Also, you can send your request via the message form on the website or by email. 

Which Guarantees Are There? 

The Resume Coach assistant provides the 14-days money-back guarantee for the initial subscriptions. Unfortunately, the company does not describe the refund conditions and procedure. Customers have to contact customer support and discuss the refund cases personally. 

Pros and Cons

Appropriate functionality of the toolsMost templates are paid
Lots of learning materials and tipsUnclear informational policy about pricing and charging
A robust collection of templates and designsThe absence of 24/7 customer support
The customized jobs databaseSubscription prices are higher than average
Money-back guaranteeUnclear refund conditions

Summary – Is Resumecoach a Worthy Choice?

In general, Resume Coach is one of many services with a similar set of options. It gives you some samples and tutorials as well as tools for independent work. However, if you are interested in obtaining the best quality of resume, it is certainly not the place you should go to – you can’t get any professional support here. 

Besides, with the numerous complaints on charging the customers’ cards without notifications, you risk paying money for the service you did not really request. Other customers’ feedbacks inform that it is extremely difficult to get the money back in such cases. We would not recommend you turning to this company. 

Find the Best Resume Writing Service With Our Help

Having a personalized, professional, and impressive resume is a must. Referring to professional companies for help is a wise choice. And while Resume Coach would hardly be your best-trusted partner, there are teams on the Web which are excellent in this area. 

Pay attention to the companies’ ratings present on the website. We’ve compiled them according to our personal impressions of the services and thousands of users’ feedbacks. Those companies from the top of the rankings are definitely worth your trust, as they have proved their excellence. 


Is the Resumecoach Service Legit?

Yes, it is legit, no doubt. It offers a platform and tools for your work and helps you compose your application documents, format them, and store them organized. No issues related to legitimacy can take place here. 

Is the Resumecoach Service Scam?

The company does its job fairly, providing the writing tools. However, it is complicated to find the necessary information about payments. The company is charging users after the trial period automatically, without warning them about such charges at all. Besides, many users complained about the necessity to pay for downloading resumes that they did not expect. Though it is not a scam, it is definitely not the best way to treat the customers. 

How Much Does It Cost to Use Resumecoach?

The price you’ll pay depends on your attention. If you decide to use the service once only, construct the resume, download it, and stop working with this resource, you’ll pay $1.95 for downloading the resume. If you started a trial for $0.95 and did not cancel it yourself before the end of the 14 days, the system will charge you $29.95. Moreover, this payment will be regular every 4 weeks (not a month). Thus, you should consider which services you want from this company and for how long before making any payments. 

Is the Resumecoach Writing Service Safe?

Yes, the service is safe. They protect the website with SSL certificates and ensure that your payment details are stored securely and encrypted. Also, they use the trusted international payment processors. There weren’t any informational leaks. If you decide to work with this platform, there is no reason to worry about safety.