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June, 2021 Last Update

Job search is a real challenge these days. You have to compete with dozens of good candidates to get your place under the sun. And the first thing you need to succeed is a good resume. It is your only chance to make a first impression and to stand out among other people. However, a really good paper can do more for you — it can boost your career and open the door to incredible opportunities. 

Without any doubt, writing a resume is not that easy. You can’t just list your previous jobs, educational institutions, and skills. According to a specific job vacancy, you need to suit the paper, find the right words to describe your personality and impress the hiring manager. Besides, you may need some other papers during the job search process, e.g. cover letter, follow-up letter, CV, and so on. 

What Is the Resumesarea?

Resumesarea is a professional resume writing service that can help you when you need it so much. It means you shouldn’t worry about the overall process yourself — just order a resume, and it will be written by a seasoned author who knows the winning secrets. 

But how can you know that this company will not let you down? What are its advantages and disadvantages? What else should you know to make the right choice? We are going to answer these questions in our review! So, if you’re looking for an unbiased opinion, you’re surely in the right place. 

Resumesarea Offered Services

The first thing that you need to consider is the company’s list of services. Resumesarea can:

  • write a resume for you;
  • edit your resume if you already have a draft;
  • write your CV;
  • edit your CV;
  • boost your LinkedIn profile.

When you place the order on the website, you can choose one or several services that you need. Pay attention to the fact that they provide you with unique papers according to your requirements, not with basic templates that you can download from the Internet. It means you’ll receive a personalized document matching your expectations! 

Resumesarea Prices and Discount

Writing different reviews, we know for sure that a lot of companies have incredibly high prices for their resume services. It is because they believe that job seekers don’t have another choice. But you should understand that resume writing is not rocket science. Yes, it is some kind of art, and it definitely requires the author to be smart, educated, and creative. But this service can’t be very expensive. You’re looking for a job to earn money, not to waste it in vain!

That’s why we can’t just ignore the pricing in our Resumesarea review. They don’t have a Prices page on their website, but it won’t take you too long to find the big Order button. Tap it to proceed to the section with all prices.

And you know what? You will like them!

Their prices depend on 3 aspects:

  1. Your career level;
  2. Urgency;
  3. Type of service.

It means that if you’re a fresh graduate without experience, you shouldn’t pay $100+ for your resume. If you have enough time, choose the 7-days deadline, and pay only $66.99. Obviously, if you need a more complicated document (or more urgent), you will pay more. But this pricing is transparent, so that you shouldn’t worry about any hidden payments.

Special Features

Speaking about additional services, they can also provide you with:

  • follow-up (thank you) letter;
  • resume and cover letter editing;
  • LinkedIn editing;
  • CV editing.

It is a perfect opportunity to save your time and effort and get a good result with a guarantee. 

Payment Method

As soon as you choose the services that you need and upload your files, you can proceed to the payment stage. Resumesarea works with credit and debit cards as well as Skrill. So, whether you have VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, etc., you can place your order and submit the payment with ease. 

What to Expect from Quality?

You can expect a well-structured resume that is written especially for the desired job description. It will highlight your strong points to show the hiring manager that you’re a perfect match. authors have experience in different fields, so whether you need an engineering paper, a medical one, an administrative CV, etc., you can rely on this company. 

Customer Service

If you have some questions or suggestions, you can contact customer support managers at any time. You can send your email, and they will answer you as soon as possible. 

What About Guarantees

Don’t work with any company until you don’t know its guarantees. They are necessary to protect you and to ensure that you’re on the same wave with your author. Speaking about, they guarantee you:

  • professional writers with the necessary background;
  • affordable prices;
  • delivery without delays;
  • confidentiality;
  • revisions;
  • money refund. 

Pros and Cons 

To sum up, we want to tell you that all companies have their pros and cons. Decide on your priorities, and you’ll make the final choice with ease. 

Incredible writing and editing servicesLack of information about website
Professional authorsNo resume samples
Affordable pricesNo contact information before you place the order
Specialization in different fields and career levelsNo separate lists for Pricing Policy and Guarantees
Friendly customer support
Positive online reputation
Career blog and useful information for job seekers

Summary – should you place an order on Resumesarea?

Writing this review, we tried to consider all details that can be important for you. We explored the website and pages with testimonials, and we tried their customer service and ordering process. Finally, we can say that though this company has some flaws, it is still a good choice. We would give it 88 out of 100. You have no reasons to worry when you place your order here. And speaking about their gaps, we are absolutely sure that Resumesarea is already working to improve their areas of development. 

Find the Best Resume Writing Service With Our Help

Looking for a new job is a very responsible process that requires your time and effort. It means you can’t rely on the first company that you run into in Google. Yes, Resumesarea is a nice option, but what if you want to check others before you make the final choice? The good news is that it is absolutely possible! As we have this Resumesarea review, we have the same reviews for other popular companies as well. So, check our recommendations, and it will be easier for you to choose the best company for your winning resume! 


Is Legit?

Of course, it is legit. It is better to avoid companies that are not. Resumesarea is an officially registered company with all necessary documents. Check Terms and Conditions documents to find out more about its policies. You will find the primary information about your rights there, including your guarantees. Remember that they have customer support so that you can contact them whenever you have some questions. 

Is Scam?

We wouldn’t say so. Scammers don’t provide people with any services, and they just create websites to gather data and to sell it. There are also non-professional companies from third-world countries that are proposed to earn money from naive people. Sometimes they even provide you with content, but it is not of good quality and mostly plagiarized. doesn’t belong to such companies, and you can place your order here without any doubt. 

How much does it cost to use Resumesarea?

The final cost depends on several factors: the service you need (writing or editing), your career level (entry, professional, executive), and your deadline (24 hours, 48 hours, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days). The cheapest service is a follow-up letter writing that will cost you $18.99 only (at entry-level and with a weekly deadline). 

Is Resumesarea safe?

After the analysis of the company’s website and other Resumesarea reviews, especially from customers, we can say that this company is surely safe. They use encryption protocols and reliable payment methods to protect your data.