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June, 2021 Last Update

Resume services are in high demand these days. You can’t get a job without a proper resume. If you apply to several positions, seek career growth, or want to change the area, you will always need different resumes. The requirements to the people’s qualifications change continually. The same goes for the resume documents. It becomes more and more complicated to compose them. 

No wonder that most job applicants consider hiring resume writers – people who claim to be experts. Our team researches such companies, both new and old-established resume assistants. We are testing their services and compose our expert reviews about their quality of work and reliability. Now, we have the ResumeSpice company in the focus. So, this is our latest Resumespice review for your consideration.  

What Is the ResumeSpice company?

ResumeSpice positions itself as a comprehensive portal for job seekers. Besides the practical services of writing resumes, cover letters, bios, and preparing online profiles, it offers career coaching and career assessments. This company was founded by recruiters. You can find the information at Resume Spice Yelp. Its representatives claim to have an advantage over other similar teams. They appeal to their practical experiences in HR and recruiting. 

Besides the service providing, ResumeSpice runs a professional blog dedicated to all aspects of job seeking and career coaching. Users can find lots of helpful tips if they want to educate themselves. 

In general, the company provides its services in a package. It can create all kinds of necessary documents, manage the candidate’s web presence, and train them for the interview. 

The Range of Offered Services

In all reviews of Resume Spice, you’ll find information about different kinds of its services. There are many of them, but they are grouped under three categories. They are career services, career coaching, and career assessment. 

  • Career services include the following: 
    • Resume composition;
    • Cover letter composition;
    • Thank-You letter composition;
    • LinkedIn profile creation and optimization;
    • Professional bio composition; 
    • Interview preparation. 
  • Career coaching service involves personal training sessions. They are dedicated to the most essential aspects, such as time management, job-seeking strategies, public speaking, networking strategies, etc. 
  • Career assessment service involves an in-depth analysis of the candidate’s personality and skills. The goal is to determine strengths and weaknesses and recommend the best areas to apply personal qualities.  

Customers can order any service separately or several services from different categories in a package. 

ResumeSpice Prices and Discount

The question of price is essential for any product and service. While working on our ResumeSpice review, we paid special attention to the pricing. 

ResumeSpice is expensive, and even more. Its prices are sky-high! The most popular document they create is a resume:

  • Entry-level resume (no professional experience or less than 2 years) – $379;
  • Professional resume (more than 2 years of professional experience) – $489;
  • Executive resume (C-level specialists and executives) – $599. 

The resume writing price covers several services: 

  • personal phone consultation;
  • preparing a draft for the customer’s approval;
  • editing the draft;
  • the delivery of the ready resume in PDF or DOC formats. 

Other popular services are cover letter writing and LinkedIn profile creation/optimization. They cost extra: 

  • Resume Spice Cover letter – $179;
  • Professional LinkedIn profile – $179.  

If you are a beginner, the minimum job application package would cost you $558. Moreover, the company does not offer any discounts for its services. We did not find any ResumeSpice coupon mentions anywhere. 

Any customer should pay a small fortune even for even the basic service. If you need more, like getting a professional bio and career coaching, the bill will increase drastically. 

Allowed Payment Methods

You can pay for the service with a credit card from any major system (Visa, AmEx, MasterCard, or Discover). No other payment services, such as PayPal, Payoneer, or e-wallets are accepted. 

Available Special Features

Speaking of the special features available at ResumeSpice, it’s worth noticing the JobApply service. It is a possibility to delegate the job searching and application on the customer’s behalf. The company states that this service is exclusive. It is meant for those candidates who won’t have time to do it independently. 

JobApply includes the following services: 

  • Personal consultations to define the candidate’s profile and job requirements;
  • Searching for suitable vacancies and emailing them to the customer weekly;
  • Applying for 30+ jobs approved by the customer every month;
  • Creating accounts with the leading career resources (Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.);
  • Providing a personal JobApply dashboard to check and track the job applications’ statuses. 

As most of the ResumeSpice reviews claim, this platform provides a wide variety of services. It is really comprehensive. The company’s specialists train the candidates and equip them with the application package and knowledge. However, what is the real level of service quality? 

Quality Expectations 

Before starting our investigation, we also checked the available ResumeSpice reviews. We selected them from the most trusted reviewing platforms. There were mixed feedbacks. Many customers were happy with the company’s performance. However, there were complaints too. Unfortunately, users complained about the quality of resumes and cover letters frequently. 

ResumeSpice claims that all application documents they create are personalized and original. They grant the following features for every resume order:

  • Assigning a resume expert to care about each writing task individually;
  • Personal conversation on the phone/Skype between the writer and the customer;
  • Approved resume format;
  • Keyword optimization of the ready resumes to get the hiring manager’s attention;
  • Revisions and editing of the resume drafts in the process;
  • Delivery within two business days. 

They assure that they don’t use any templates. However, there is a collection of ready resumes on the website. You can get familiar with them to evaluate the performance quality. ResumeSpice claims they write and customize all resumes for the user, adjusting both the format and the contents. If it is such a tailor-made document, it would cost its money.  

The most frequent complaint on reviewing platforms was about the lack of industry expertise. Customers mentioned having long and detailed talks with the “writing experts.” But they were less than happy with the results they got in drafts. Some users talked about grammar mistakes. And more of them talked about the resume drafts being too long and overloaded by unnecessary information. 

Many users told that they had to hire other career consultants. Other people reworked the documents created by ResumeSpice. The job was to make them concise and adjust to the specific job requirements. It is needless to say that this service costed extra money. Considering the amounts of money already paid, the ResumeSpice services are too expensive. They aren’t worth their prices. 

Customer Service

The team of customer managers is skilled. All managers demonstrate excellent work ethics. You can contact them in the live chat or by email, directly, or through the message form on the website. There are also phone numbers, but they aren’t toll-free for all users. 

Which Guarantees Are There? 

The company provides the “interview guarantee.” It grants reworking of the resume free of charge if the customer does not receive any interview invitations within 60 days. 

Pros and Cons

Wide variety of servicesVery high prices
Personal career coachingNo discounts
Possibility to request the definite performerNo money-back guarantee
Interview guaranteeConsultants often lack the necessary expertise
JobApply serviceInappropriate quality of the resumes

Summary – is ResumeSpice a Worthy Choice?

The company positions itself as a team that can do everything for any job applicant. Unfortunately, its results are often far from being the best. With its enormous prices, the service has resume writers without the proper knowledge and industry expertise. 

As a result, you risk paying a lot of money for application documents of mediocre quality. Then you risk losing that money on reworking. You have to either edit those results yourself or hire other experts to make your resumes appropriate for your goals. 

The verdict of our Resume Spice review is negative. We won’t recommend you turning to ResumeSpice. If you are interested in getting the best career assistance, chances are too high that you will only lose our money. 

Find the Best Resume Writing Service With Our Help

On our website, you will find the resume assistants’ rankings. We’ve compiled them basing on many thousands of users’ reviews and our personal tests. If you are looking for people who can prepare you for the job application, feel free to turn to the companies from the top of the rankings. Those specialists have won their users’ trust and gratitude providing them with the most comprehensive and quality services for job seeking. 


Is the ResumeSpice Service Legit?

Yes, of course. This company provides career consultations and coaching and also assists with writing the necessary pieces for job applications. Such services are 100% legit. 

Is the Resumespice Service Scam?

No, it isn’t. From what we’ve learned about this company, they are dedicated and careful. Users complained about getting resumes of inappropriate quality, and writers reworked them at no cost, according to the customers’ remarks. We’ve never heard about any scam issues associated with ResumeSpice. 

How Much Does It Cost to Use Resumespice?

The amount to pay will depend on the volume of services you’d request from them. If you only need a resume, be prepared to pay at least $379 for the entry-level type. If you also need other documents or services, be ready to pay more. Even the “thank-you letter” costs $129. As many customers also offer career coaching to get better prepared for the interview the price of the service package may become up to $1000. 

Is the Resumespice Writing Service Safe?

Yes, it is safe. The ResimeSpice company protects its website with digital security means. You may be sure that both your personal and payment details are secured.