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June, 2021 Last Update

A resume may either play into your hands or destroy your reputation completely. Most candidates prefer to approach a professional company and order a ready resume from experts to avoid the latter. ResumeStrong is one of the services that you will come across while looking for writing assistance. However, you’d better do not hurry up to get in touch with the company. First, the study resumes strong reviews and only then makes a decision whether to deal with it or not. Such reviews cover the most important points and let you clarify all points at once.

What Is the ResumeStrong?

ResumeStrong is a writing service that has been in the market for over 20 years already. The team promises to deliver a unique resume for specialists in all industries and help them obtain the desired job position. Writers state that they create each resume from scratch and use advanced tools to check spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  However, numerous complaints from the former clients say the opposite. They are satisfied neither with a delivered paper nor with the process of ordering and creating it. If you see the average score, then you will see 28 points out of 100. Not enough to risk your money, yes? Let’s learn why most clients do not recommend ResumeStrong to their friends and do not come back to place a new order.

The Offered Services

According to ResumeStrong reviews, the company provides assistance with resumes and cover letters only. On the website, you can find three packages: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. But they do not differ from each other a lot. All the statements look the same, making the clients feel suspicious.

ResumeStrong: Prices and Discount

Pricing matters when you are looking for professional assistance. As it has been mentioned before, ResumeStrong has three packages with the following prices:

  1. Silver – $72
  2. Gold – $89
  3. Platinum – $139

Pay attention that each one is activated for 72 hours. You will not be able to ask for refunds in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the resume. This is its great disadvantage, as you have no guarantees, and may only waste your money. As for discounts, ResumeStrong reviews mention that the experts have one. The company allows receiving the Platinum package for the cost of Gold. Unfortunately, this is a limited offer, and you can’t get it often, so everything depends on your luck.

Payment Methods

It wasn’t very easy to find offered payment methods. But eventually, their range was surprising. ResumeStrong allows the clients to pay for the order via many popular methods. Among them are PayPal, AMEX, MasterCard, DISCOVER, and Visa. It means only one thing. The administration does its best to allow the clients to place and pay for their order without any delays or problems. Unfortunately, you can’t get full information about each of them until you place an order. This makes most potential clients feel frustrated and disappointed as they do not know what to expect.

Special Features

Every professional review admits that most clients are seeking the service with special features when they decide to place the order. According to information on the site and  Resume Strong reviews, it doesn’t deliver any special features, which makes it similar to plenty of other companies. It has nothing that will let it stand out in the crowd. Instead of interesting options and features, it offers three basic plans that do not differ a lot.

What to Expect from Quality?

The best review always talks about the quality of the provided services. In the case of ResumeStrong, you should not expect too much. The delivered resumes will hardly help you find the work of your dream and start a successful career at a particular company. The papers are full of mistakes, meaning that the writers do not care about the final result. Even if you try to get the corrections, you will waste a lot of time and effort. Moreover, the company may ask for a higher price in the long run. The provided quality doesn’t show ResumeStrong as a responsive and reliable partner to achieve your initial purpose.

Customer Service

Customer service is not a strong point of ResumeStrong. The company doesn’t mention a phone number or live chat. It means that you can communicate with the admin team only via email. According to ResumeStrong reviews, clients have to wait for a few days to get a response. The staff can’t provide the users with quick and efficient solutions that make the company unreliable.

What About Guarantees?

It is not surprising that the potential clients are willing to know the guarantees before placing the order. ResumeStrong knows this and tries to mention at least a few of them. However, all promises and statements are not clear enough. They seem to be completely senseless. Used phrases are general and do not indicate any unique offer. Here are some of them:

  • More Choices & Options
  • Quality First Impression
  • Advance Faster / Higher

It is not clear what the company’s management tried to say. As a result, no guarantees are provided.

Pros and Cons

It is better to compare the pros and cons to get a complete idea of ResumeStrong. Here they are:

A few packages that allow users to choose the one which meets their expectations moreVery low quality of the final paper
Nice website design that provides all information that you needAbsence of online chat
Plenty of payment methodsLow responsiveness of the support system
Long-time experience in writing resumesThe stated turnaround time is not correct
Large team of writersThe writers are lack professionalism
No refund guarantees provided

Summary – is ResumeStrong worth it?

Summing up all expert reviews, it becomes clear that ResumeStrong is not worth your attention. It gets only 28 from 100 points, meaning that clients are not satisfied with the quality of provided assistance. The resumes are full of mistakes, and you even can’t get a refund.

Find the Best Resume Writing Service With Our Help

Perhaps you do not want to risk and check whether the game is worth candles with ResumeStrong. It is recommended to consider offers from other writing companies that have a better reputation among the clients. You will find a team that will surely meet your requirements and help you get the desired job position in the list.


Do you still have any hesitations? Then, keep reading the most frequently asked questions and learn the answers to help you make the right conclusions.

Is legit?

The company doesn’t mention its actual location or address. There is also no phone number. All legit companies provide such information. Hence, can’t be called legit.

Is scam?

No, is not a scam as it actually delivers the orders, but their quality is unsatisfactory. As a result, clients have to look for urgent solutions to impress the company’s management that they are applying for.

How much does it cost to use ResumeStrong?

The cost of using ResumeStrong depends on the package of services that you use, but initially, the prices start from $72 and reach $139.

Is ResumeStrong safe?

Due to the absence of a quick connection with a support system, it can be stated that ResumeStrong is not safe enough. Lack of address and location makes most clients hesitate about its safety. There are no guarantees of storing personal information and protecting it from third parties.