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June, 2021 Last Update

This service says that it has been on the market for more than twenty years. They offer and promise a lot of things. However, we are still not quite sure whether their promises are true and reliable. Let’s review the features of this service, taking into account the best review of this website. 

What Is the Resumewriters Service?

The company claims to be one of the best online resume writing services on the market. They say that they have been in this business for more than 20 years. They also claim to be one of the most trusted and reliable companies but is it true? If this service is so good, why then there are so many negative resumewriters com reviews online? Why do customers express so many complaints and sorrow about using this service? Let’s review this service and find out the truth about this resume writing service. Are you ready?  

The Offered Company’s Services

There are three main categories of services that Resumewriters offer to its clients. The first one is resume writing. They promise to create the best resume for you to be hired the next day you apply. Secondly, they offer to create a CV for you. The third service they suggest is generating a professional LinkedIn profile to be enrolled fast. Nevertheless, even though the company expresses too many promises, the service is not that awesome as they promise, according to resume writers reviews that are available online. People say that they regret trying this service and do not recommend it to others. 

Resumewriters Pricing Policy & Discounts

The lowest price for the student’s grade resume is $169.95, and the highest price for an IT resume is $229.95. They claim to offer people the most affordable prices, but this is not true. These prices are one of the highest on the market. Meaning, the company only plays dirty tricks fooling naive customers who are not aware of the pricing policy of other similar resume writing services. According to resumewriters reviews, most customers were unhappy about using this service, claiming they were ripped off. Do you want to be fooled? Or do you want to get a better service? 

Variety of Payment Methods

According to resume writers service reviews, there is very little information about the company’s payment methods. However, hopefully, they accept such payment methods as VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex. Unfortunately, the company does not offer any discounts, even to its loyal customers. Therefore, it is impossible to save money and benefit from using this resume writing service, according to reviews on resume writers available online. 

Special Features of the Company

Resumewriters promises its customers to be invited to interviews thanks to their resumes. However, according to the Terms and Conditions on the website, they do not have any guarantees. Meaning, such promises to be invited to the interview are not more than just a marketing trick. Therefore, you would better read the Terms and Conditions on the company’s website, at least, to know your rights in case you are unpleased with using this service. According to expert reviews, this company’s policy is not a transparent one. Therefore, you would better think twice before you decide to use its service. 

Things to Expect from the Service’s Quality?

According to a professional review of the company’s service, it is possible to say that the quality of this service is below the average one. Most customers complain about the fact the resumes are not original and contain a lot of mistakes in punctuation and syntax. Moreover, they say that the CVs and resumes are written not by native English speakers because some words are not properly utilized. Therefore, you should not expect too much from the service because its quality is poor and inappropriate for such prices. If possible, you would better try out another similar service of better quality. 

Customer Service Help

The customer service is just awful. You might contact them only by email or phone number. You should wait for a long time until the customer support representative answers your email query. Also, it will take you hours to reach them by phone. There is no opportunity to utilize a live chat option, making your life a total nightmare if you use this service, according to resumewriters com reviews. If they want to call themselves the best in the industry, they would better implement the live chat option or not use such words and not promise too much. 

What About the Company’s Guarantees?

The service claims to guarantee you that you will be invited to an interview the next day you publish or send your resume. However, according to resume writers reviews, it never has happened to them. Indeed, they were asked for an interview, but not that much often as the company promised. What is more, they say your resume will be unique and stand out in the crowd, but the truth is that the resumes and CVs generated by them are never like that. It seems like they utilize the same or similar frames and schemes for every single resume or CV, making them look the same. 

Pros and Cons 

The overall quality is not too bad because, in general, most instructions are followed. The quality is much worse if compared to other companies offering the same service. 
The support is friendly and ready to tackle all your problems. It takes too much time to get the response from the customer support representative because there is no live chat option. 
The pricing policy is rather transparent one. The prices are very high and not affordable at all for people on a tight budget. 
There are some tips on the website on how to make your resume or CV stand out in the crowd. There are too many negative reviews about this website among its ex-customers. 
The website is easy-to-use. The FAQ section does not answer in-depth questions, leaving many of them unanswered. 

The Final Verdict- is Resumewriters worth it?

To sum up, Resumewriters is for sure not the best resume writing company on the market. There are too many disadvantages to being able to call it number one company. If you do not want to risk, you would better try another service. 

Find the Finest Resume Composing Service With Our Assistance!

If you still hesitate whether to utilize Resumewriters’ service, stop being hesitant! This service is one of the worst on the market if you take into account the reviews about this service on various online platforms. The quality and results are very poor. You will rarely get a job if you ask Resumewriters to help you with your CV. In other words, if you really want to succeed and get the dream offer, you would better change your mind and select another resume writing service ASAP!


Is a Legit Service?

Yes, it is. Nevertheless, you will face many difficulties and problems when you decide to use this service. Try another one to make your life easier. 

Is a kind of a Scam?

It is definitely a scam! Most customers who have used this service complain about its poor quality of the resumes and CVs. Only 1% of the ex-customers recommend using this service which sounds ridiculous. 

How much does it cost to utilize Resumewriters?

The prices start at $169.95, which is too much for such terrible assistance. If you want to get a premium quality service and save money, you would better utilize another service. 

Is Resumewriters a safe company?

No, it is not. You will be bombarded with thousands of spam letters to your email the very next day you cooperate with Resumewriters. If you want to have peace of mind, Resumewriters should not be the service you use.