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June, 2021 Last Update

The main purpose of this review is to provide an expert opinion about the operation of the Zipjob resume writing service, its main advantages, and disadvantages. Our experts also intend to reveal all problematic aspects that may appear during the possible interaction with this service. This review is based on our assessment and considerations only to make customers more aware of potential inconveniences that may arise.

What Is the Zipjob?

Zipjob is a resume writing service with a very low rating (32/100). It provided resume writing services and also may likely help you with preparing other job-related documents. We have thoroughly reviewed the profile of this service to identify whether it is actually good or not? In the end, we have revealed the most important advantages and disadvantages it has and why it is better to search for another service instead.

The Offered Services

The service can suggest resume writing services for different industries and areas. Our experts think that is a too generalized statement. The service fails to provide the entire (or even approximate) list of industries it can help you with. A customer may not be sure that his/her resume will be prepared by a real professional in one’s field. Plenty of Zipjob reviews (those we have identified) state the quality issue. That could be related to this peculiarity, we think. 

Additionally, this service may provide you with cover letter writing services. This document may be customized to your resume to make a united job application. 

Additionally to these services, the platform can offer you updates of your LinkedIn profile. This is a useful option, we think. Still, the following review showed that the quality of those services suffered.

Also, you may request here unlimited revisions for the ordered document if you see that certain aspects are noncompliant with your initial request. That may be a good feature. But, it is strongly related to the quality of documents provided later to customers. Our opinion is that it is not important how many revisions does the service guarantee if it fails to provide good-quality documents (according to the customers’ reviews and our review also).

Zipjob Prices and Discounts 

In plenty of Zipjob reviews, we have identified exactly the insufficient quality for the prices the service charges are emphasized. Our opinion is the same—the service requests too much for the quality that has to be improved. The service has three main packages that vary depending on deadlines and features provided. 

The launch package is the cheapest one and may cost you $139. It includes resume writing, keyword optimization, personal communication with the local professional, and also unlimited revisions. 

The so-called fast track package includes all previously mentioned features but also provides you extra ones, like a cover letter and a 60-days interview guarantee. This package may cost you $ 189.

The most expensive package, $299, apart from all features from the previous packages, also provides LinkedIn updates, more experienced writers, expedited delivery. Your documents will likely be made by more experienced and professional writers if you order this package. 

Payment Methods Available Here

Customers who have decided to use this service for making their documents may pay for those by using any payment card they have, AMEX and DISCOVER options. Zipjob involves sufficient payment operators. Our experts didn’t have any questions about this aspect. 

Special Features

The service offers its free trial for 48 hours. If you want to test its option, you may take this free trial. Another aspect that adds credits to the service is that it offers free useful materials for the job-searching process. 

What to Expect from Quality 

Our opinion is that the quality of rendered documents is far from sufficient. It is not good for the service of that kind. Documents rendered by this service are of not proper quality; they lack clarity and structuring. Sometimes, they fail to insert important facts from the applicant’s job history or don’t address those properly. In the end, it is possible to get a template that was not adapted entirely to the initial requirements of the customer—other Zipjob honest reviews (Reddit, for instance) state the same. So, our opinion is that the quality of services should be significantly improved to make it at least proper. 

Customer Service

The local customer support needs to be improved for sure. The time for response is too long, from our point of view. Our experts experienced difficulties with contacting the local support and getting the information they were interested in. Also, it was problematic to get the final solution for a problem that emerged. Other Zipjob resume reviews stated the same problem with the customer support. So, our opinion is that Zipjob has to work better on the standard of their customer support – ensure instant replies for the requests of customers and arrange the process of developing solutions faster and more effectively. 

What about Guarantees?

The service declares the guarantee of quality but fails to provide such in fact. Documents drafted by this resume writing service lack clarity and structuring. They are a bit outdated and sometimes may fail to address all customers’ expectations. 

Zipjob also guarantees you timely delivery. That may be true. But, that cannot always be the sufficient quality you have requested. If a document needs at least minor enhancements, you may fail with submitting a job application before your personal deadline. If you decide to refer to this service, it is better to arrange all things in advance or refer to another service. 

Zipjob also guarantees the confidentiality and security of all communications. We don’t believe it will internationally share with third parties any information about your inquiry. But, in fact, we believe that it underperforms on this aspect.

Pros and Cons of the Service

Always available and easy to reachExpensive service without sufficient loyalty policy
Authors for various fields and industriesPoor -quality documents
Applied ATS technologyDeliveries may be failed
Convenient interface that is easy to useSlow and sometimes ineffective support
Useful free materialsPotential security risks

Summary – Is Zipjob Really Worth It? 

Our opinion is that the service only appears to be professional. But, it is not so, in fact. Our experts think this service has to improve its operation to provide services of better quality and arrange its processes better for rendering documents on time. 

Our view is that the service is far from the best. Other Zipjob resume writing services reviews expert reviews we have revealed mentioned the same problematic points. So, our opinion is that Zipjob resume-making service is not a worthy place to refer to with a resume-making inquiry.

Find the Best Resume Writing Service with Our Help

This service is created for providing extensive information on the matter of the operation of various services that create resumes and other job-related documents. Overviews are based on our assessment of the most important features of services, like prices, quality, time of delivery, guarantees, etc. Our experts also searched for specific advantages and disadvantages of the considered service to prevent you from making mistakes and making better choices instead. 


Is Zipjob Legit?

We have doubts about its legal operation. Formally, this service has its terms of conditions and obliged to follow all applicable provisions. However, our experts identified complaints about the violations of such obligations. This company legally exists, but it lacks clarity in its operation, from our point of view. The framework of cooperation should be clearer.

Is Zipjob Scam?

Our experts have revealed complaints among Zipjob resume reviews about the scam nature of this service. Most of them were related to the quality aspects. So, we presume that could be customers who didn’t get documents of at least proper quality. That also may be considered as a form of cheating as a company should perform its obligations before the customers. 

How Much Does It Cost to Use Zipjob?

The cost for the service may vary depending on the qualification of assigned authors, deadlines, and certain features the suggested packages have. In general, our opinion is that those services are much more expensive than the similar ones of other services. Three packages are available –for $139, 189, 299.

Is my Zipjob Safe?

We cannot recommend this place as entirely safe. It lacks measures for ensuring at least minimal security and confidentiality of cooperation. That is a serious point to consider before applying there. We don’t think that the service will share your personal data with somebody from outside intentionally. But, it fails to implement enough technical and software measures to prevent any possible threats, like hacker attacks and data leaks.