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You can try to make your resume or rely on experts in this field. It’s an obvious statement that using professional help has more benefits than independent writing. But you understand that not every author can prepare an amazing paper.

Before you choose Resumes Planet, you need to get more information about its services. If you expect only high-quality services, then be ready to hear both benefits and complaints about this company’s assistance. This is the only way to reveal the answer to your current question, ‘should I order a resume here’…

What Is the Resumes Planet?

Resumes Planet has a loud name and has been working in this field for more than 10 years. Users like such features and want to work with professionals. It is said that this company has already served more than 6500 customers. In addition, its team is proud of a very high satisfaction rate.

These facts seem impressive and usually motivate customers to work with this company. But if you pay attention to the resumes planet reviews, you can see many controversial thoughts. That’s why you should analyze all aspects of Resumes Planet before placing an order.

The Offered Services

According to a standard yelp, you can order standard resume writing. This is one of the most popular services. Customers are impressed with the description of Resumes Planet experience, skills, and attitude. Also, you can notice that writers have specific certifications that highlight their achievements in this field.

Besides writing resumes, you are also able to order editing help. It may be useful if you have already made your application documents but want to improve the quality. Writing cover letters are also available. This is a high requested feature too.

Among other services are assistance with developing your social reputation. For instance, you can order creating and improving your LinkedIn profile. If you want KSA evaluation, you may also receive such help.

So if you aim to get a high-quality resume for education or work application, this company will attract you a lot. The good array of services almost makes you sure Resumes Planet is a place you can rely on. But when you continue to read our professional resumesplanet com review you keep losing your faith in successful cooperation.

Resumes Planet Prices and Discount

It is good to see that all information about prices is available on the official website. You can find how much the exact type of assistance costs. But no matter the Resumes Planet flexible pricing policy, you have to spend money. A resume for an entry-level will cost $149 within 24 hours. The same document for the executive level will cost $229.

If you are looking for a coupon code, then stop. Usually, you can’t apply any discount on the checkout. The only way to save some money is to order 2 services at the same time. At the moment, Resumes Planet proposes to customers a 20% off discount for ordering a package of resume, cover letter, and follow-up letter. Such assistance costs approximately $255–$335.

Payment Method

Resumes Planet offers customers a standard range of payment options. You can select pay with credit card (Visa, Maestro, or MasterCard), wire transfer, American Express, Discover, etc

Special Features

Our professional review team tried to find any special feature, but we have nothing special to share with you. The only thing that may interest customers is a package of services. When you order it, you can receive a 20% discount.

What to Expect from Quality

The summary of resumesplanet reviews doesn’t make you believe this company has a satisfaction rate of 99%. This is an impossible result regarding such experiences people describe in their feedbacks. The general rating of this company is 15/100, so quality, pricing guarantees, and other features do not meet the customers’ expectations.

Customer Service

At first sight, Resumes Planet has an average support team. You can contact a manager online using live chat. But when you click on the live chat button, it doesn’t work. No matter the device (PC or smartphone), the live chat doesn’t appear.

What About Guarantees

This company claims to take first place among other resume writing companies in 2017. But if you follow the link with so-called confirmation, you wouldn’t find any evidence of this fact. The website with reviews is made as a Google Document and seems to be made by themselves.

Pros and Cons

  • detailed information about services on the official website
  • flexible prices that depend on a deadline, paper type, and the sum you spend
  • many guarantees you may expect
  • an opportunity to receive a paper within 24 hours
  • fake information about the company’s achievements and rewards


  • the company is quite unpopular because it doesn’t have many reviews on specific platforms
  • prices for resumes and cover letter are very high
  • problems in contacting team support using live chat
  • poor documents quality

Summary – is Resumes Planet worth it?
No, Resumes Planet isn’t worth your attention. This company has several benefits, but these features don’t cover all the disadvantages you will receive too. Numerous resumes planet reviews confirm that this is not a company you can trust doing your resume, cover letter, and other documents.

If you desire to take a vacant position, then don’t rely on Resumes Planet. There are many trustworthy options for you!

Find the Best Resume Writing Service With Our Help

As you can see, the resumes planet review doesn’t lie to you. This company has both advantages and disadvantages, but there are no real benefits at all. Let’s be honest: you need an assignment to be done once, and you can use it multiple times. So why would you risk its quality for no reason…

We understand that you are a little bit devastated and lost. But there are many good writing companies you can rely on. Professional writers with proper experience may write a resume, cover letter, or any other paper for you with a warranty of success. Don’t ignore such experts, and don’t trust your fate, irresponsible people.

If you want to avoid any complications, then rely on our best review with links to trustworthy writing companies. They are responsible, reputable, professional, and have passed all tests. We guarantee you may get much more benefits from such a cooperation.


This question has no exact answer. On the one hand, you want to believe that all mentioned features are true. For instance, current statistics say that there are 81 orders in progress and the satisfaction rate is more than 99%. On the other hand, there is no documentation to prove the official status of Resume Planet deals. This is only one of many facts that make us doubt the legacy of Resumes Planet.

Well, you wouldn’t probably get robbed. If you decide to place an order, you will receive your paper in return. The quality and delivery on time are questionable features, but there is no scam in general. And the fake link to awards explanation doesn’t add weight to the company’s reputation.

Prices differ depending on your request. A simple resume for an entry level will cost $149. A paper for the executive level will cost $229. Both prices mean delivery within 24 hours. But generally speaking, Resumes Planet is a very pricey company. If you select a trustworthy website from our list, you can find a much better deal for a much lower fee.

Unfortunately, the official website doesn’t inspire confidence. There are no signs of proper protection of customers’ personal information, money transactions, and so on. It seems to be a very tricky step to cooperate with this team. Many expert reviews on Reddit and other trustworthy platforms reveal that people may have issues later with spam, bank account safety, etc. So think twice before you decide to stay on this website and trust your future to these people.

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