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Getting a job is a multi-stage process, and sending a resume is the first step. The quality of that document often determines whether you get to the interview. Lots of candidates prefer delegating this task to professional companies specializing in resume writing services. The question is if they really deliver the claimed level of quality.

That’s why we are checking and reviewing such companies. We write our expert reviews to help you make a wise choice. The current review is about the team.

What Is the LiveCareer Resume company?

We started our examination by checking the official information and existing LiveCareer resume builder reviews. This company is an established and reputable service. It’s been on the market for 15+ years. It has already collected many hundreds of positive reviews. Still, many teams started brightly and then went into decline. So, what is LiveCaree now?

The model is mixed. It offers both professional writing services and tools for independent work. There are numerous articles and guidelines on the resume and cover letter writing specificities. It offers strategies, worksheets, tutorials, and teaching videos. All these resources are focused on aspects of job seeking, the application process, and job interviews.

Users can refer to the Company Directory for additional data about the companies they consider to apply. Finally, you can subscribe to personalized job alerts. For that service, you need to configure a profile to expose your personal and job preferences.

The Range of Offered Services

The informational features are of great help if you want to prepare to apply for a job. On the other hand, most users need more practical support. Our LiveCareer resume review focuses on the most essential issue. It is what you get with the resume and/or a cover letter for your application.

The company offers the following:

  • A Resume Builder tool. It has a collection of templates if you prefer preparing the application yourself;

  • Personal consulting. It is about making resumes and cover letters. Also, it helps to get prepared and pass the job interviews;

  • Professional writing of resumes and cover letters. If you decide to hire specialists and get the job done, you can do it here.

  • distinguishes four categories for writing services:

  • The Entry-level resume. It is for graduates and junior specialists without professional experience or with limited experience;

  • The Professional resume. It is for specialists in their fields with more than 2 years of professional experience or those targeting the career change;

  • The Executive resume for C-level specialists, team leaders, top managers, Ph.Ds, doctors, and lawyers.

  • The Cover Letter for any level of application can be ordered separately or in a “package” with a resume.

  • The standard timeframe for the resume writing services is 3 days.

  • The team assures that it can be done faster.


LiveCareer Resume Prices and Discount

The question of price is always present in all LiveCareer resume builder reviews. The price depends on the service model. Independent work suggests the subscription:

You can use the resume builder for free, access the templates, and create your resume. However, you can’t save it. Downloading and exporting options cost $1.95.
The 14-days trial is provided for $2.95. This ensures access to the collection of predefined templates, design schemes, and additional tools for formatting and spell-check. You can also build your resume and cover letter, save and export it, and even submit it to the chosen company from the LiveCareer platform.
The monthly subscription is enabled after the trial period. The price is $24.95 per 4 weeks. The subscription gets activated automatically. If you don’t cancel the trial from your side before it ends, you’ll be charged. Subscribed users keep full access to the templates and resources. They also can request professional consultations.
Professional writing services come under the following prices:

  • Entry-level resume – $90;
  • Professional resume – $199;
  • Executive resume – $299;
  • Cover letter – $60 or $40 if you order it together with a resume of any level.

We did not find any information about discounts. The company sets the same rates for all users, no matter if they are new or loyal, returning customers. Having an active subscription does not reduce the price to pay if you decide to hire a writing specialist either. Much more than one resume LiveCareer com review was made by users disappointed by such a pricing policy.

Auto-enabling subscriptions and regular charges are the most frequent reasons for users’ complaints. The company does not send invoices and receipts. Neither it warns about charging the card at all. Often, users learn about that subscription and payments only when they got the bank notifications.

Allowed Payment Methods

The company accepts payments by debit and credit cards belonging to the major systems – Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover. The subscription-based membership suggests regular automated charges of the card.

Available Special Features positions itself as a comprehensive service covering all the tasks necessary for resume and cover letter writing. It offers the following features:

  • A collection of resume templates;
  • A collection of cover letter templates;
  • Spell checkers;
  • Formatting editors;
  • Document exporting into several formats;
  • Learning materials in several formats;
  • Personal coaching for interview preparation on-demand.

Quality Expectations

So far, our LiveCareer resume review has been dealing with the range of services and pricing issues mostly. However, the primary reason people turn to such services is to obtain products of the best quality that they can’t ensure themselves. As the value of a professional, informative resume is tremendous, most applicants agree to pay money to get a better resume to submit. Here, the most crucial question arises. Can you trust the quality of the LiveCareer company services?

To test this personally, we’ve placed the order for a resume of the professional level ($199). The company claimed to deliver the document within 3 days and match that period. However, the result we got lacked originality and precision. We provided the details about professional experience, accomplishments, and education. Also, we set the goal to prepare the resume for a career change, as it is the case that demands special attention.

However, the resume introduction was not focused properly on the customer’s advantages and goals. It looked like one of the ready templates with the information we provided. Under such circumstances, we could compose the same resume ourselves within the trial period.

We also checked other users’ feedbacks. Most of them used the tools and created their resumes and cover letters independently. Those users who paid for the writing services provided mixed feedback. The results depend on the writer who will compose the resume. However, there is no way to choose a specific performer. It seems quite unreliable.

At the same time, LiveCareer is definitely one of the best options for independent work, with its online tools and guidelines. And if you don’t forget to use the resume LiveCareer login and prevent the subscription auto-activation in the account, the service would cost you $1.95 instead of $199.

Customer Service

The resume customer service LiveCareer is appropriate. The managers are available round-the-clock, and you can reach them by phone and email. They also provide support in instant chat on the website and even Skype if you prefer this option.

Which Guarantees Are There?

This issue is quite dubious. The company takes significant money for its work, but they don’t provide such obvious guarantees as free revisions or money-back. We find this circumstance quite disappointing and reducing the trust in the company’s services.

Pros and Cons

  • Comprehensive online writing tools
  • A collection of templates
  • Lots of learning resources
  • Personal consultations
  • Tools for text polishing
  • A limited number of writing services
  • No LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Prices are quite high
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No revisions

Summary – is LiveCareer Resume Worth it?

The LiveCareer resume service may be a decent choice if you need tools and some guidance to do it yourself. Still, the unclear subscription policy makes us question the ethics of this team. Besides, high prices with unpredictable results and no guarantees for the users claim a definite “NO” to this service. We won’t recommend you using it.

Find the Best Resume Writing Service With Our Help

Lots of online companies offer help with resume writing. If you consider that you need a professional writer for your job application, you have a wide choice. On our website, you will find the resume writing teams’ rankings. Those from the top are decent groups that work hard and offer high-quality assistance for all applicants to increase their chances of getting the job.


Yes, it is a 100% legit service. It offers coaching, editing, and writing services. The best companies work in close collaboration with their customers to understand the goals and present the candidature to match the job requirements. Though some experts recommend writing resumes and cover letters yourself, there is nothing wrong with turning to professional consultants.

There are scam complaints caused by the unclear explanations of the pricing policies. For instance, the company does not warn about auto-enabling the subscription and does not explain how to cancel it. You have to contact the support for the information and examine your account attentively to detect the necessary areas where you control your subscriptions. The company does not break laws, but such an approach may seem backhanded.

The price you pay depends on the service category of your choice. If you only want to use its templates and tools one time and compose your resume and cover letter, you may pay $1.95 only. However, note that this action will activate the 14-days trial, and you may end paying $24.95 without your wish. In case you prefer hiring a writing expert to compose the application pieces for you, the price will depend on the resume level, from $99 to $299.

Yes, it is safe. We never heard of any information leaks or any unpleasant issues associated with this service. If you choose to get the resume/cover letter made for you, security won’t be an issue

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