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No one would argue that writing a winning resume is among the most demanded skills. Resumes are necessary when you apply for any job. They are the first stage of the long process. Even the best resume can’t grant you the job of your dream. But without it, it won’t be possible to participate in the race at all.

The good news is, modern technical means allow you to build your resume easily. There are predefined templates and generators. Technologies will care about the style and layout of the document. It is certainly appropriate support and time-saver. Unfortunately, it does not mean that all such resources are equally efficient.

In our work, we are checking and reviewing various services with tools and support for writing resumes. Our goal is to define those ones that deliver excellent services. Also, we warn our readers from using those ones that don’t really deserve trust. Now, we present you our latest review. We hope that our results will help you when you decide on a service to use.

What Is the ResumeHelp company?

ResumeHelp is the resume builder – a platform where you can get information and tools. There aren’t writing services or people who would compose your resume for you. The job is yours completely. Still, you can use a collection of ready blocks with predefined descriptions. This way, you only need to insert the information about your skills and professional experience. The system will help you place them neatly and organize the information.

The website is quite user-friendly. The constructor does not require any specific technical skills. All tools are visual. You can drag and drop blocks and use editors to change and format the texts. There are templates for different resume types, and you can choose a suitable one. Subscribed users can save all the resume variants in their accounts. Then, they can access them using the login.

The Range of Offered Services

We have focused our resume help review on the two most essential factors – the services and the prices. As for the range of services, we’d say that this company offers a basic level. The following options are available:

  • A collection of resume templates for different kinds of applications;
  • A database of ready resume samples for specific job applications;
  • Detailed guidelines for writing resumes and cover letters;
  • Uploading and editing already existing resumes;
  • Guidelines on networking and preparations for interviews;
  • Guidelines on career tools and technologies.

It is also worth noticing the “Community” section. There you can discuss different aspects of job application and get familiar with career help tips. The discussions are bout general and specific questions of the job-seeking and hiring processes. There are expert reviews, and you can obtain support with non-standard issues related to career.

Among the most burning topics in the Community discussions, you’ll find the issues of preparing documents for applications, interview preparations, and career-changing advice.

ResumeHelp tries its best to provide the information on its platform and let its users communicate and help each other in community discussions. However, users are supposed to work independently.

Prices and Discount

The question of price is the most common reason for many complaints. The thing is, this resource uses quite a common model for such online resume builders that seems misleading for many users. The company positions its resume constructor as a free service that everyone can use.

You can start building your resume and get access to the templates and editors. It does not demand you even to register an account, let alone paying for anything. However, you can’t save this resume to use and submit then – that service is paid. Lots of users complain about being forced to pay, as they would not want to lose the time and effort spent on building that resume.

There are two options for the user:

$2.90 for 14-days access. It is a kind of trial period, during which you can create, customize, and download unlimited resumes and access the advanced services.
$24.90 for monthly access. The monthly subscription is enabled after the trial period, and the user gets charged every 4 weeks. Users get switched to this type automatically if they don’t cancel the subscription during the trial period or don’t request the support managers to do that.
Users can get a discount if they subscribe for 12 months at once. In this case, they pay $94.80 as a one-time payment. The monthly payment would be only $7.90, which is significantly lower than the standard monthly subscription of $24.90.

What we have to mention in this review, the company is fair about its pricing policy. It warns the users about the payments immediately, offering them to subscribe to the service. Some other companies don’t provide this information at once, and the subscription charges come as a surprise for the customers. In the case of ResumeHelp, you can see at once that you can be charged after 14 days of the trial period. Unfortunately, the platform does not explain where and how to cancel the subscription.

Allowed Payment Methods

ResumeHelp accepts payments by cards issued by the leading systems – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Available Special Features

Subscribed users get access to the following opportunities:

  • Creating and saving unlimited resumes;
  • A cover letter builder with the possibility to create, save, and download cover letters;
  • Professionally designed templates;
  • Downloading resumes and cover letters as TXT, HTML, DOC, and PDF;
  • The guideline on the “HR managers screening technologies.”
  • Quality Expectations

While examining the platform for our Resume Help review, we noticed lots of quality concerns. Though the company offers accurate and professional-looking resume templates, there are plenty of complaints about the results that you get after saving and downloading.

In some cases, users complained that the informational blocks they filled in and edited were saved in the wrong number. Other users mentioned changing the dates and the impossibility to edit them manually. As a registered user who subscribes for at least 14 days, you can download the resume and cover letter in DOC, check, and edit it. However, it means additional work. Some users might not be attentive to revise these documents precisely before sending them with the job application. Then, they risk sending inappropriate pieces that can ruin their chances.

As we know, the company tracks and fixes such issues rather quickly. Still, we noticed persistent complaints about the weird behaviour of templates with the resulting spoiled order. It definitely can’t be a sign of the best service.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or issues related to ResumeHelp services, you can turn to its customer care department. The managers are available in the live chat on the website. Also, you can contact them through email directly or use the message system on the website.

For those who prefer communicating in real-time on the phone, the company offers the possibility to use toll-free phone numbers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The managers available on the phone Monday through Sunday, but they don’t work 24 hours. The working hours for the phone teams are defined on the website in the “Contact Us” section.

As a rule, ResumeHelp reacts quickly to all complaints and requests. The representatives get in touch with the customers and help them resolve the problems. On the other hand, we found negative feedbacks on the leading reviewing platform about the customer managers’ being rude.

Which Guarantees Are There?

ResumeHelp has the money-back guarantee – they claim it when describing the subscription plans. Unfortunately, there is no information about where and how to claim the refund.

Pros and Cons 


  • Large collection of templates
  • Writing Guidelines
  • An active community where you can find help
  • Several formats for downloadable documents 
  • Uploading and editing existing resumes
  • Frequent quality complaints about templates
  • Rather high prices
  • Unclear refund policy
  • The absence of any pricing information on the website
  • Some necessary features are only available for pay

Summary – is ResumeHelp a Worthy Choice?
ResumeHelp is a standard resume constructor. It offers tools and a common area to discuss different aspects of job application and career building. Unfortunately, they don’t provide any professional personal advice. You may discuss the same issues on Reddit and find more precise information.

Besides, this service allows you to work independently only. If you’d prefer to delegate the tasks to professional writers, ResumeHelp will be useless. Add frequent complaints about the elements’ distortion in the saved documents. Thus, we would not recommend you using this platform.

Find the Best Resume Writing Service With Our Help

Having a successful resume is crucial. Many job candidates prefer using professional writing services instead of composing resumes and cover letters themselves. Fortunately, there are lots of companies on the Web that deliver such services. Pay attention to the titles from the top of our ratings. Those are the teams where you can order resumes and cover letters done for you from scratch. Also, you can get obtain career advice and professional consultation about preparations and passing interviews. We’ve checked and tested the services and can claim that those teams are worth your trust.


Yes. All such resume assistants are legit. They provide informational support and helpful tools for the independent work of their users.

We never heard any such complaints. Though it is a paid service, it warns about all possible charges immediately and explains the prices. The informational articles and guidelines are trustworthy. Thus, the reputation of ResumeHelp is okay, and there aren’t any possible scam issues.

You can get full access to all the service options for $2.90 for 14 days. If you continue to use this platform, you will be charged $24.90 every 4 weeks. The service cancellation is possible at any moment.

This company seems to care about safety very much. You can note the Norton Security badge in the footer of the website. This famous provider ensures the safety of the users’ payment and personal details. The company provides accurate details about its status and location. However, they don’t determine which payment processor they use.

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